Topinková Knapková: Teamwork will be important

2012 London Olympic champion and 2011 World champion Mirka Topinková Knapková will join the most extreme rowing race in the world as an ambassador alongside with Olympic medallist and five times world champion Ondřej Synek.

Prague-Hamburg Rowing Race with the overall distance 850 km will be divided into 12 stages.

“It is an extreme challenge for all rowers to join something like this. Personally it takes me about two months to make this distance in my regular training. The idea that I should manage that in thirteen days…” Czech rower reflects. “However, it is a bit different in the eights,” she adds.

The Olympic winner is currently on maternity leave. Nevertheless she admits that her husband, a former kayaker, wants to take part in the race. “He immediately said he would sign into the first stage. It will be his birthday, so he’ll join the race with his friends,” Topinková Knapková says.

The largest river regatta starts on September 29 in Prague. 

“Such project has not been there yet. It will be an enormous challenge for athletes, public and rowing fans to attend such long race. Teamwork will be important,” encloses the ambassador.

How to Sign up?

The international long-distance stage regatta race will be held 12.- 24. in September for the second time on the river route Prague – Hamburg with the overall distance being 800km.


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