“I was at the end of my tether”, says a competitor of Prague Hamburg Rowing Race

Prague Hamburg Rowing Race is only halfway ahead and its participants have already experienced what it means to be at the end of their tether. Yesterday’s, at first calm stage Bad Schandau - Dresden, which was 55km long, caused our rowers unexpected trouble.

During the Tuesday night, a strong wind destroyed a camp base. Although the start was postponed by an hour, the competitors arrived tired and frozen because of the conditions they had experienced at night. Unfortunately, the miserable weather persisted and Elbe showed them its full strength. Downpour, strong headwind and high waves accompanied the rowers for the majority of the stage.

“Every stroke costs us a lot of effort and overall, it was really mentally demanding. Especially for me, because it was my first experience with such conditions and with another type of boat. I was learning on the way, but I was lacking experience and certainty,” says Aleš Nejedlo, founder of the regatta, for whom Wednesday was an unlucky day. 

“After about 5 km I found out that I had a cracked slide, which made any movement very complicated, and we had 20 km ahead of us to the nearest stop. I suffered from the demanding conditions and literally I was at the end of my tether. We changed the slide and after some refreshment we continued in more optimistic mood. Guys were faster thanks to their long-time practice but I held on. In the moment when the accompanying boat was checking the guys in the front, I overlooked the buoy which blended with background. I didn’t hit it with my boat but I did with my left oar and unfortunately I broke it.  I had to manoeuvre with one oar to the bank. Then I spent two hours in icy wind waiting for the support team to bring me some spare oars. After that I could continue, but the wind was blowing till the very last end of this stage when a downpour started for a change. An easy stage turned into drama lasted for 8 hours but with happy ending."

Eventually, fortune smile on Aleš as well and at the end of the stage he was satisfied with a pleasant welcome by singer Jana Kratochvílová and a drummer of the band Pražský výběr Jirka Hrubeš

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The international long-distance stage regatta race will be held 12.- 24. in September for the second time on the river route Prague – Hamburg with the overall distance being 800km.


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