How to register for Prague Hamburg Rowing Race

The premiere of the international eight stage rowing race will be an extreme challenge thanks to its distance, time, physical and mental power. The competition starts September 29 in Prague, the final destination is Hamburg. How can the applicants register?

The registration for Prague Hamburg Rowing Race runs online via The race opens in categories ELITE, CHALLENGE and OPEN. The capacity in each category is limited.

The main race of the ELITE teams is held in category of eights with coxswain (men/women). The registration for the race includes name of the team, crew members including substitutes, support team with maximum of 4 people and the qualifying time from 25 km race, with accurancy of tenths of seconds.

The crew of the ELITE team has 12 members including coxswain, the coxswain’s gender does not have to match the crew’s gender. The age limit for all participants is set at 18 years.

The maximum number of boats in the race is set at 10 in each category. In case of low number of qualified crews the category will be completed by crews from the second category in total number of 20 boats. Each category will comprise the best qualified boats from Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa and another five boats with the best qualifying time will be added. Entry fee in the ELITE category is 200€ per one team member.


In the CHALLENGE and OPEN categories it is necessary to fill in the name of the team, competition category (rowing, kayaking, canoeing) and crew members including substitutes.  Competitors have the option to choose the duration of the race and take part in 1, 2 or 4 stages or complete race. The entry fee for CHALLENGE and OPEN category varies from category A to D from 100 to 1000€.  


The race is held under any weather conditions. Any break or premature termination of the race is sole responsibility of the race directorate. Any crew may leave the race any time. The rules and instructions are published at In others, the race is governed by FISA international rules.


How to Sign up?

The international long-distance stage regatta race will be held 12.- 24. in September for the second time on the river route Prague – Hamburg with the overall distance being 800km.


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