Hamburg: Gateway to the World

The unique eight stage race starts on September 29 from the Charles Bridge in the centre of Prague and ends on October 13 in Hamburg – the second-largest city in Germany and in its biggest port. The city is called Gate to the World, due to the fact that 13 thousand boats come into the harbour each year.

The city of Hamburg is located in the Northern Germany and it is situated on the river Elbe. The river is crossed by nearly 2.500 bridges. Hamburg has more bridges inside its city than any other city in Europe.

The most important monuments include the Neo-Renaissance Town Hall with a 100m tower which is located right in the centre of the old town. The most famous church is the Baroque church of St. Michal whose tower offers visitors a panoramic view on the port of Hamburg. One of the tourist most favourite destinations is Alster Lake with a size of 160 hectares located in the Alstad district. The highest building in Hamburg is the Heinrich Hertz TV Tower (279.2 metres).

Another attraction right in the city centre are two districts – Hafen City and Speicherstadt. Hafen City is a modern district dominated by Elbphilharmonie, the Hamburg Concert Hall. A completely different part is Speicherstadt, the largest warehouse district in the world.

Hamburg will attend participants of Prague Hamburg Rowing Race on October 13 where the boats will arrive from the last stop in Bleckede. Directly in the heart of Hamburg, there will take place a final kilometre race with a mass start which will close the longest and most extreme race of eights in the world.

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The international long-distance stage regatta race will be held 12.- 24. in September for the second time on the river route Prague – Hamburg with the overall distance being 800km.


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