An attempt to set Guinness World Record and modification of rules

The premiere edition of the international Prague-Hamburg Rowing Race reports news. The ELITE category will be replaced by an attempt to set a Guinness World Record by managing the entire race by only one rower. The race director Aleš Nejedlo and silver Olympic medallist Václav Chalupa will try to write history.

Since there were not enough crews registered in time for the regular ELITE race, this category will not be held in the year 2018. It will be replaced by an attempt to set a Guinness World Record by managing the entire race by only one competitor. Aleš Nejedlo, the race director and bearer of the whole idea of Prague-Hamburg Rowing Race, will compete on single scull together with Václav Chalupa, silver Olympic medallist, multiple world rowing vice-champion and bearer of the Thomas Keller Medal. Chalupa will attend the race on lite-boat.

This attempt does not mean cancelling the race. The organizing committee decided to modify the rules for each category including a two-day shortening. The race will be held from September 29 September to October 11.

Editing rules for 2018

CHALLENGE and OPEN category

Changes for all disciplines in all competitions

The crew (boat) can be registered by anybody (club, city, private person…)
New rules allow

  • triple number of participants per boat in CHALLENGE category (1x = max 3 participants per boat, 8+ max 27 participants per boat)
  • an unlimited number of crew members for OPEN category
  • the team has the possibility to alternate crew members at any time during the stage at designated locations

For all categories, disciplines and competitions

  • the accomodation and catering will not be ensured due to cancelling of ELITE category
  • each team will arrange accommodation and catering separately – the organizer will ensure only camping and placing of boats
  • the deadline for submission of applications is September 20 at latest
  • the possible extension of the deadline is under the responsibility of the organizer and will be published on the official website of the race

The entry fee is determined as follows:

Entry fee for CHALLENGE and OPEN category

  • Category 8+ (30 euro / one post including cox / stage)
  • Category 4x, 4x+, K4, C4 (40 euro / one post including cox / stage)
  • Category 1x, 2x, K1, K2, SeaK1, SeaK2, C1, C2 (50 euro / one post / stage)

The entry fee includes route plan, check-points, placing boats, support and first aid, rescue and evacuation team, official T-shirt, race documents, official identification, timekeeping, JURY, winner’s award. The entry fee does not include travel, racing equipment, accommodation, food and other unspecified services.






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The international long-distance stage regatta race will be held 12.- 24. in September for the second time on the river route Prague – Hamburg with the overall distance being 800km.


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