Amateur races for the public

Except for the main race, in which there will be eights competing with the cox in men’s and women’s categories, there will be also competition for the general public - CHALLENGE for athletes and OPEN for general public in following categories:

A – 1 stage – the boat will take part in only one stage according to their preference

B – 2 stages – the boat will take part in two following stages

C – 4 stages – the boat will take part in assigned four following categories (1-4, 5-8, 9-12)

D – whole race – the boat will take part in the whole race (excluding prologue)

Announced disciplines:

Rowers – 1x, 2x, 4x, 4+, 8+
Kayakers – K1, K2, K4, SeaK1, SeaK2
Canoeists – C1, C2, C4
Dragon boats – Classic 22 (shortened track)
Free – free discipline for other types of boats

The registration will be opened in the day of the press conference.

How to Sign up?

The international long-distance stage regatta race will be held 12.- 24. in September for the second time on the river route Prague – Hamburg with the overall distance being 800km.


More questions?